Wedding Hairstyles | Elegant Bridal Updos

If you are in need of inspiration for your wedding hairstyles, look no further!

Elegant Wedding Hairstyles

We have gathered nine of the most trendy and traditional styles for both short and long wedding hair. Whether you are a bride or bridesmaid, we have the style for you!
How to do hair for wedding

The messy bun is currently one of the most popular wedding hairstyles. This look is great for the rustic or bohemian wedding,  but we think it always looks perfect.

(See hairstyle at Polka Dot Bride)

How to do wedding hairstyles

The high bun is also one of the trendy updos right now. This one is messy too, but still very romantic. This look is great if you want to show off the back of your dress.

(See hairstyle at Style Me Pretty)

DIY Bridesmaid Hairstyle

Bridesmaid hairstyles can be tough because you never want to outdo the bride. The side ponytail can be a very glamorous, yet subtle hairstyle for bridesmaids. Just be sure to check with the bride first before starting your wedding hair!

(See hairstyle at Style Me Pretty)

diy bridal hairstyle

It is not doubt that braids are back in action. They are just so fashionable! The braid is easily one of our favorite wedding hairstyles for long hair. For those with really thick, long locks – this one is for you. Keep the weight of your hair off the back of your head with this simple updo.

(See hairstyle at Belle Magazine)

how to do sleek bridal hair

This sleek bridal hairstyle is possibly the most traditional wedding hair updo. It is classic and timeless, perfect for any wedding.

(See hairstyle at Style Me Pretty)

How to do bridal hair

You can also add a little something extra to your hair updos with a simple braid. This is a great alternative to if you do not want to add any accessories.

(See hairstyle at Brides)

Bridal hair and makeup styles

Add some sparkle to your ensemble with wedding hair accessories! Whether it be a barrette or headband, this is definitely going to add a lot of shine.

(See hairstyle at Wedding Chicks)

Flowers bridal hair accessories

Natural flowers make amazing wedding hair accessories by adding a soft, elegant touch. Tuck them into a braid or make a crown, it’ up to you! This technique has been used for centuries, and is a wonderful alternative if you don’t want anything too flashy.

(See hairstyle at Remain Simple)

DIY Short Hair Bridal

There is only so much you can do with short locks unless you use extensions, but we like to keep things simple. One of the best wedding hairstyles for short hair is the bob hair with soft waves. This look would go stunning with a vintage themed wedding.

(See hairstyle at Short Haircut)

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