How To Cheat Your Way To Vintage Style

Everything you need to perfect your #ThrowbackThursday-worthy vintage style is right here! Read on for tips, tricks, and vintage style inspiration.

The Ultimate Guide To Perfecting Vintage Style

Sometimes I get tired of wearing trends, and there are also times when I want to switch things up. If you can’t find inspiration in the present, the past is your best bet. But do we truly know our vintage style basics? Honestly, up until I started working on this article, I didn’t know there were clear differences between antique, vintage, and retro! Antique items are at least 75 years old, while vintage pieces are anywhere between 25-74 years old. And finally, retro style uses new pieces to recreate trends from the past. I bet you didn’t know that either!

Let’s take a closer look at the trends and styles of each time period, shall we?

1. 1920s

1920s | How To Cheat Your Way To Vintage Style
image via What I Wore

Known as the “roaring twenties,” this was a time of extravagance. From feathers, to sequins, to faux fur, the 20s were all about living the good life. Drop-waisted dresses and rolled down stockings were also big trends!


2. 1930s

1930s | How To Cheat Your Way To Vintage Style
image via What I Wore

Compared to the flashy 20s, the 1930s were a lot more modest, if I may say so. But they had their own brand of luxury! Bias-cut pieces were all the rage, as were velvet and satin, which are back in style!


3. 1940s

1940s | How To Cheat Your Way To Vintage Style
image via Vixen Vintage

The 1940s were really girly—tea dresses, florals, and hats were the pieces of choice. Bold, bright red was also a big part of style during this time.


4. 1950s

1950s | How To Cheat Your Way To Vintage Style
image via Not Dressed As Lamb

The 1950s were all about the skirts. All the cool girls were wearing circle skirts, petticoats, and wiggle dresses. And of course, Marilyn Monroe was the cool girl to rule them all in the 50s. If you need style inspiration, she’s your girl!

5. 1960s

1960s | How To Cheat Your Way To Vintage Style
image via Refinery29

Personally, I love 60s style! It’s my favorite decade because on one side they had the stylish elegance and grace of Jackie O, but the 60s was also a very fun time. Go-go boots, mini skirts, capes, and bright colors made fashion young and hip.


6. 1970s

1970s | How To Cheat Your Way To Vintage Style
image via The Style Rookie

For some reason, when you say 70s style I instantly think of something orange or yellow. Is it just me or did everything from the 70s come with an orange filter? But color aside, we’re familiar with the 70s because we recently saw a resurgence of big trends from that period: bell bottoms, maxi dresses, and hot pants were in every girl’s closet back then.


7. 1980s

1980s | How To Cheat Your Way To Vintage Style
image by The Golden Diamonds via Pinterest

If I had to describe the 80s in one word, I’d say they were fabulous. The shoulder pads and power dressing of the 80s made it such a dynamic time to be in fashion! And of course, the 80s gave us our first taste of denim as a trend.

Finding the perfect inspiration for your personal style is so easy if you know your vintage fashion. I learned so much from writing this, and I hope you have too! I’m going to try all these fashion eras just for kicks! What was your favorite fashion era? Share it with me in the comments below!