How to Wear Mid Calf Boots Like a Model-Off-Duty

It’s time to breathe new life into your shoe closet and we’re doing it with mid calf boots! Now is the perfect time to rock those boots you’ve been meaning to wear all year long, so we’re going to teach you how to do it like a model-off-duty (read: Victoria’s Secret Angel).

How to Wear Mid Calf Boots Like a Model-Off-Duty

Spring is in the air, which means a closet and shoe rack overhaul is much needed.

Spring can be a tricky time when it comes to footwear: It’s too early to wear sandals and much too warm to wear boots, so we find ourselves exploring new, never-before-discovered styles like mules, clogs, and mid calf boots. Mid calf boots come in different shapes and styles, which make it the perfect shoe to transition from day to night in.

When wearing a maxi dress, opt for heavy-heeled boots; a day in the office calls for ultra-high stiletto boots; and, if you’re going to an outdoor festival, go for a pair of cowboy mid calf boots, jeans, and a white peasant top. Wherever you’re going or doing, mid calf boots are there to make you look and feel like a rockstar.

1. With a Short Dress

This is one the most traditional ways to wear mid-calf boots. According to style experts, these boots should be worn with a dress above your knees to visually elongate your legs and create a nice proportion between your upper and lower body. With this #poweroutfit on, you’ll be ready to conquer the world. All hail, Khaleesi!

How to Wear Mid Calf Boots with Short Dresses | How to Wear Mid Calf Boots Like a Model-Off-Duty, check it out at http://cuteoutfits.com/mid-calf-boots-cute-outfits/
We love the contrasting colors in this outfit. Don’t be afraid to get creative! | Image via Pic V Pic

2. With Skinny Jeans

What doesn’t look good with skinny jeans? This is another simple way to wear mid-calf boots. An important styling tip to remember is to leave space between your mid calf boots and skinny ankle jeans in order to lengthen the leg line. If you pair your mid calf boots like Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, you’ll be more than okay in the style department.

Elevate a simple outfit with mid-calf boots. | Image via Social Butterfly Couture

3. With Boyfriend Jeans

Loose, distressed boyfriend jeans are a casual way to wear calf-length boots. Like the photo below, we consider this more of a fall/winter look as the sharpness of the boots provides a nice contrast to normally bulky, clunky winter fashion.

This outfit proves that turtlenecks are anything but boring. | Image via Lookastic

4. With a Maxi Skirt or Dress

This ’70s-inspired look is making the rounds this year! Instead of pairing a maxi skirt or dress with the usual knee-high boots, mid-calf booties are a nice contrast to the former and allow for the skin to breathe a little more which is exactly what we want in the hot summer months. The higher the heel, the easier it will be to create the illusion of long, sexy gams.

If pairing your boots with a maxi skirt, tuck your shirt or opt for a crop top that will create a low contrast, thus offsetting the volume of your skirt. High heels are instrumental in creating vertical integrity in this outfit.

Incorporate these flexible mid calf boots to your wardrobe with these How to wear mid calf boots like an off-duty model by Cute Outfits at http://cuteoutfits.com/how-to-wear-mid-calf-boots-like-an-off-duty-model/
Modern and 70’s combined. | Image via You Look Fab

5. With a Mini Skirt

Flat or low-heeled mid calf boots are the optimal choice for mini skirts or shorts. A pair of leather boots with a flowing frock is the perfect down-to-earth outfit for summer.

6. With a Knee-Length Skirt

The longer length of the skirt makes this combo a little tricky, but not impossible. Choose heeled, mid calf booties that match the color of your skirt to create the illusion of length. The repetition of the color creates vertical outfit flow which draws the eyes first up, then down.

Incorporate these flexible mid calf boots to your wardrobe with these How to wear mid calf boots like an off-duty model by Cute Outfits at http://cuteoutfits.com/how-to-wear-mid-calf-boots-like-an-off-duty-model/
Create a vertical illusion to lengthen the legs. | Image via youlookfab.com

7. With Shorts

Heeled and flat mid-calf boots paired with shorts are the perfect way to flaunt your boots and legs! Take a style cue from the look below and keep it simple. Denim shorts are all you need.

Classy and sassy. | Image via Gurl

8. With Leggings

Boots with leggings can be an inseparable combination. While most people pair them with a graphic tee, we prefer the look below: It’s different, unconventional and colorful. Get creative with a retro tunic or bold, patterned skirt.

This woman knows exactly how to style an outfit. | Image via Natural Records Studios

9. Like a Rock Star

Pair your mid-calf boots with a rock star outfit, like a leather jacket, mini skirt and choker.

| Image via Style Bistro

10. With Over-the-Knee Socks

When the weather outside is chilly and unbearable, go for mid-calf boots with over the knee socks, but be sure to wear them with a dress, shorts or mini skirt. This is a fresh look that can be taken from summer to fall in a flash.


11. To the Office

Contrary to popular belief, mid-calf boots are a great choice for work outfits. They’re sophisticated and look great with ankle slacks, midi skirts, and palazzo pants.


That’s it, trendsetters: Basic tips for styling your mid-calf boots. We hope you found these helpful!

How do you style your mid-calf boots? Let us know your fashion tips in the comments below