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Mascara Tips And Tricks

May these mascara tips and tricks give you everlasting, non-smudgey mascara. 

Beauty Tips: Mascara Tips And Tricks

We’ve all heard the tips and tricks on how to make our lashes grow longer and stronger, but for some, going through the extensive list of rituals those tips require is little more than a daydream, where time is in abundance and everyone barters instead of having to work. So, needless to say, most of us don’t have the time or patience to sit in front of a mirror for hours and hours layering our products like a triple-layered cake… 365 days a year.

If you’re like me and can go all day wearing just BB cream, mascara and lipstick, you probably know the struggle of putting on mascara and making it stay where it should. If making it stay isn’t the issue, it’s either not getting it on my crease and hoping against all hope that it doesn’t smear throughout the day.

In the effort to help all our makeup ladies out there, here are a few mascara tips and tricks that will help you keep those gorgeous lashes all-day without any mishaps.

Tip #1

Use lash conditioners to protect your lashes and keep them strong and long.

Mascara Tips And Tricks

Lash conditioners will keep your lashes long and strong. IMAGE VIA Feel Unique

Tip #2

Heat your curler. Heating your curler will keep your lashes curled all day.

Mascara Tips And Tricks

Heating your curler for 10 seconds will keep your lashes curl for a longer period of time. IMAGE VIA News Nster

Tip #3

Soaking your mascara in warm water will not only help loosen dry mascara, but will smooth out the consistency of the formula, therefore making it much easier to work with.

Revive old mascara by soaking it in warm water. IMAGE VIA Makeup Tutorials

Tip #4

Scrape off the excess formula from the brush so you don’t get too much and avoid clumpy-looking mascara

Avoid clumpy-looking mascara by scraping off the wand’s excess. IMAGE VIA Tay’s Life Unscripted

Tip #5

You can also use a lash comb instead of the traditional spool. Applying your mascara’s formula to the lash comb will help add volume to your lashes without overdoing it.

Use a lash comb to add natural length to your lashes. IMAGE VIA Sephora

Tip #6

Use business cards or post-it notes to avoid getting mascara formula on your crease or below your eyes.

Business cards will keep mascara from getting on your crease or below your eye. IMAGE VIA Refinery29

Tip #7

The importance of tightlining: tightlining adds the illusion of longer, more voluminous lashes.

Tightlining gives the illusion of voluminous, lengthier lashes. IMAGE VIA Gurl

Tip #8

Use a waterproof mascara to avoid bits of black formula from falling off your lashes. Make sure you remove it with petroleum jelly or vaseline at the end of the day to avoid damage to your lashes.

Using a waterproof mascara will prevent black flakes from running on your face. IMAGE VIA Total Beauty

And voila! Voluminous lashes that will last all day!

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