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How to Apply Perfect Lipstick

How to Apply Perfect Lipstick?

To get that excellent professional look, let’s master the art of applying lipstick absolutely in order that your lipstick stays place and appears attractive.

But, before we tend to dive right into the tutorial, we’ll got to take a glance at the things you wish to attain those excellent lips.

Things We Need

  1. Lip Balm/Lip Conditioner
  2. Concealer
  3. Compact Powder
  4. Lip Liner
  5. Lipstick
  6. Brushes

Without any delay  let’s get into the tutorial:

How to put on Lipstick in a perfect way

Step 1: Prep Your Lips

How to Apply Perfect Lipstick

Always begin with prepping your lips. Apply a lip balm/lip conditioner to make the lips soft and supple. Then, apply a lip primer as that will create the lip color be longer and won’t let the colour bleed.

Step 2: Apply A Base

How to Apply Perfect Lipstick

It is necessary to even out your lips before applying the lip color. opt for a concealer of the shade that matches your lip color, and so apply it with alittle flossy or flat brush. Apply compact powder over it to seal the powder. this method conjointly makes the lip color stay longer.

Step 3: Line Those Lips

How to Apply Perfect Lipstick


Ensure that you line your lips with a color that matches/compliments your lipstick to forestall feather. Apply it properly from one corner to the opposite on each the upper and lower lips, drawing the line on the outline of your lips.

How to Apply Perfect Lipstick

Once you’re done lining the lips, fill the whole lip space with a similar pencil. this might hold the colour of your lipstick intact, and it’ll stay in place for a longer time.

Step 4: Apply The Lipstick

How to Apply Perfect Lipstick

Once you’re done applying the lip pencil, devour the product onto the lip brush from the lipstick of your choice. Apply it equally over the lips. Begin from the middle of the lip and move it onto the outer corners. Repeat a similar procedure for the lower lip. Make sure you apply it within the outlines of the lip pencil. Go coat by coat and intensify the lip color as and the way you wish it to look.

How to Apply Perfect Lipstick

If you think that you simply aren’t excellent at employing a lip brush to use the colour, you’ll be able to directly use the lipstick for the appliance, as shown in the image.

Step 5: Define It

How to Apply Perfect Lipstick

It is important to make the lips look additional defined, and, for that, use a concealer on alittle flat brush and work on the perimeters of the lips as shown within the image. Blend the concealer gently, making it disappear into the skin. This fashion you’ll be able to additionally correct the shape of your lips, likewise as make them look more defined and utterly done.

Finish the look by adding a touch of lip gloss for a glam look; as an alternative, simply keep it easy for every day wear.

Final Look

How to Apply Perfect Lipstick



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