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Easy Ariana Grande Makeup Tutorial

Easy Ariana Grande Makeup Tutorial

Ariana Grande is one of the hottest female acts today so I thought it’s about time for an Ariana Grande Makeup Tutorial.

Sexy and Feminine Ariana Grande Makeup Tutorial

Ariana Grande not only has superb singing prowess but she also has such a pretty face to boot. No wonder her singles are on the charts and her beauty looks are always copied by girls around the world. From her hairstyle to her wardrobe, everyone is crazy for the “Dangerous Woman” singer. So today I’m breaking down for you Jackie Wyers’ really easy and simple Ariana Grande Makeup Tutorial.

Here are the things you’ll need:

  • MUFE Hydrating Primer
  • Urban Decay All Nighter Foundation
  • Anastasia Cream Contour and Highlight Palette
  • COVERGIRL TruBlend Powder
  • Too Faced Chocolate, Sweet Tea, Pink Leopard
  • Absolute New York Cosmetics Perfect Brow
  • Essence Eye Primer
  • All Shadows from the Urban Decay Alice Through the Looking Glass Palette
    Royal Flush
  • Teen Cosmetic Bronzed Glaze Cloud 9 Liner
  • L’Oreal Silkissime Black Liner
  • MUFE Excessive Lash Mascara
  • Ardell Demi Wispies & Duo Glue
  • MAC Subculture Lipliner
  • Maybelline Color Jolt in 10 Never Bare
  • Clip On Bangs

NOTE: Products mentioned above are the products used in the video below, you can opt to choose whichever product suits you, these are just merely suggestions!

Step 1: Prime Face

Start by priming your face with your choice of primer, in this tutorial the Makeup Forever Hydrating Primer is used mainly on the T-zone area.Start by priming your face with your choice of primer, in this tutorial the Makeup Forever Hydrating Primer is used mainly on the T-zone area.

Step 2: Apply The Base

Use a medium to full coverage foundation all over the face to prepare for contouring and highlighting. Ariana Grande’s makeup features heavy contours and bronzed skin.

Step 3: Highlight Undereye

Creating highlights under the eyes give this look a brighter, cleaner look because when the bronzers and the contour come in, the face can get a little dark and I love that this Ariana Grande Makeup Tutorial did so with the Anastasia Cream Contour and Highlight Palette using the lightest shade.

Step 4: Create Contours

Start to warm up the face by drawing the contours on your nose; be careful to stay true to Ariana Grande’s nose contours. Blend afterward to take out the harsh lines.

After the nose contour has been blended out, start contouring the cheekbones keeping it high up for a more prominent cheekbone. This tutorial used Too Faced Chocolate powder and Sweet Tea to blend.

Step 5: Bright Highlights

Create highlights on the nose by applying just a dab of highlighter on the tip of your nose. The Too Faced Pink Leopard bronzing powder was used for this, but only the pinkish powders were utilized.

Step 6: Color Me Cheeks

Add the right pop of color to your cheeks by applying a sheer wash of shimmery blush on the apples of your cheeks, Jackie used Too Faced Snow Bunny to give her a more youthful and fresh vibe.

Step 7: Define Eyebrow

Fill in your eyebrows as you normally would but you don’t have to focus on this too much since it will be covered by clip-on bangs later on.

Step 8: Eye Fixin’

After priming your eyes, create a warmer eye area by applying a peach eyeshadow all over and across your eyelids and then working a chocolate colored eyeshadow a little above the crease area to enhance the socket.  Apply a similar colored brown eyeshadow to the bottom last for depth.

Step 9: Depth On The Eyes

For a more pronounced eye look, picking up a darker brown color, create a smokey lined eyeshadow look around the eye going down to the bottom lash line. This will bring the attention to the eyes more and create a deeper seated eye. For this eye look, Jackie used all Urban Decay eyeshadows in Reflection, Chessboard, Royal Flush, and Chromosphere respectively

Step 10: Eye Detail

Using a bronze eyeliner, in this case, Teeez Cosmetics Bronzed Glaze Cloud 9 Liner, put in just in the center of the eyelid close to the lash line to give your eyes a bit of a shimmery pop.

Step 11: Tightline

Finish off your eye look by tightlining the upper and lower lash to bring your eyes forward and to create that sultry Ariana Grande makeup tutorial look we all want. Apply mascara to lengthen your eyelashes, you may also want to put false eyelashes to mimic Ari’s beautiful peepers.

Step 12: Lip Service

While waiting for the mascara to dry, line your lips with a rosy mauve color to accentuate. Ariana Grande likes to overdraw on the upper lip line so this Ariana Grande Makeup Tutorial did that as well. And then using a pastel pink color like Maybelline’s Color Jolt in Never Bare fill-in your lips for that ultra-feminine pout that we’re all loving Ari for.

Step 13: Dangerous Bangs

Apply clip on bangs that match your hair color to truly transform into Ariana Grande


Take a look at the full video tutorial by Jackie Wyers below:

Ariana Grande’s look is all about sexy colors and edgy contours,  challenge your makeup skills with this Ariana Grande makeup tutorial, I personally love how Jackie Wyers didn’t totally transform herself into Ariana Grande’s look-a-like because she’s already such a lovely face.

Let me know what you think of this Ariana Grande Makeup Tutorial in the comments below and if you like to see more celebrity tutorials, check out this Kylie Jenner Makeup tutorial as well.

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