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Carli Bybel’s Kylie Jenner Makeup Tutorial Is Everything You Need

Carli Bybel’s Kylie Jenner Makeup Tutorial Is Everything You Need

When it comes to celeb style, you have to admit that the Kardashian-Jenner Klan have their look on lock. And because we’re all craving to know how they do it, Carli Bybel broke it down for us in her Kylie Jenner makeup tutorial. 

Kylie Jenner Makeup Tutorial

Remember when everyone used to rave about Kim Kardashian’s perfect contour? Well, those days seem like a memory because, nowadays, it’s all about what Kylie’s doing, wear and promoting. And if we’re not talking about Tyga (seriously, what is she doing with him?), we’re talking about her big, beautiful eyes, plump lips and flawless makeup

If you’ve been wondering how to do Kylie’s makeup, you’re in luck because this week, we’re featuring YouTube’s biggest beauty guru’s, Carli Bybel, tutorial on how to get that sultry, yet sweet Kylie Jenner look.

Don’t miss this step by step Kylie Jenner makeup tutorial. IMAGE VIA Carli Bybel 

You’re excited, I’m excited, so here it is: the Kylie Jenner makeup tutorial.

Step 1

Start with your go-to primer. Primer not only helps your makeup last longer, it smooths out the appearance of pores and fine lines.

Primer is important for keeping your makeup in place and blurring imperfections. IMAGE VIA Carli Bybel 

Step 2

Using a foundation brush, apply your foundie.

Begin to apply your go-to foundation. IMAGE VIA Carli Bybel 

Step 3

To blend the foundation better, use a Beauty Blender sponge

A Beauty Blender is every makeup junkie’s favorite blending tool. IMAGE VIA Carli Bybel 

Step 4

Once everything is blended in well, you can start contouring. Use a contour cream to get the dark shade you’re looking for. Apply around the forehead, cheekbones, jawline, bridge, and tip of the nose. Blend well using a contour brush.

Remember to blend well! IMAGE VIA Carli Bybel

Step 5

Generously apply concealer underneath your eyes and on your forehead. This will give your makeup a highlighting effect.

Now apply concealer where you would normally highlight. IMAGE VIA Carli Bybel 

Step 6

Now to work on those brows. Fill them in like you’d normally would, but be careful not to create a pronounced arch. Kylie’s brows tend to be natural-looking.

Opt for a natural-looking brow to keep them closer to Kylie Jenner’s. IMAGE VIA Carli Bybel 

Step 7

Dust pressed powder on the eyelids to even your makeup’s tone.

Optional: You may use eyeshadow primer in place of pressed powder.

Even your makeup out with pressed powder or primer. IMAGE VIA Carli Bybel

Step 8

Apply liquid, gel or cream eyeliner and create a subtle wing.

Create a subtle wing liner. IMAGE VIA Carli Bybel 

Step 9

Using a pencil brush, apply a brown shimmery eyeshadow on the outer V of the eyes. Make sure to blend it properly.

Blend your eye makeup properly. IMAGE VIA Carli Bybel 

Step 10

To open up the eyes more, take your large blending brush and blend the brown eyeshadow into the crease.

To add depth to the eyes, deepen the color by adding more eyeshadow. IMAGE VIA Carli Bybel 

Step 11

Once the eyelids are done, use the same brown shimmery eyeshadow and line the lower lashes for a smokey effect.

Create a smokey effect by lining your lower lash line. IMAGE VIA Carli Bybel 

Step 12

Apply mascara on your eyelashes; a couple of coats will do.

Go light with the mascara. IMAGE VIA Carli Bybel 

Step 13

Take an eyeliner pencil and line the waterline to add some drama.

Line the waterline with black eyeliner. IMAGE VIA Carli Bybel 

Step 14

You may opt to apply faux eyelashes or not. If you really want dramatic eyes, go for the falsies and don’t forget to apply another coat of mascara.

If you want, now is the time to apply your falsies. IMAGE VIA Carli Bybel 

Step 15

Think you’re done with contouring? Not yet. There’s one more step you need to take to ensure your contour sticks: apply contour powder on the same areas you applied the contour cream.

Finish your contour with contour powder. IMAGE VIA Carli Bybel 

Step 16

Apply bronzer all over the face and peach blush on the cheeks.

Apply your bronzer and blush. IMAGE VIA Carli Bybel 

Step 17

Now for Kylie’s plump lips. One of the tricks to making it appear like you have fuller and plumper lips is to line the lips outside the lip line (yes, go overboard!). Kylie likes the dusty rose shade so use that shade when picking a lip liner.

To get Kylie Jenner’s lips, fill outside the natural line of your lips. IMAGE VIA Carli Bybel 

Step 18

After lining, use a dusty rose lip gloss to plump up those lips! Another trick you can do is brush some brown eyeshadow underneath your lower lip to give the lips more shadow, hence, making them look fuller!

Finish the look with a dusty rose lip gloss. IMAGE VIA Carli Bybel 

Step 19

Highlight the forehead, nose and cheeks with a highlighter powder and you’re done!

Highland and you’re done! IMAGE VIA Carli Bybel 

Step 20

Pose for the camera! How do you think your Kylie-esque look?

This is a perfect nighttime look, isn’t it? IMAGE VIA Carli Bybel 

That was such a fun makeup tutorial to do! Stay tuned for more celebrity-inspired makeup tutorials in the coming weeks.

Watch the full tutorial here.

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