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Best Makeup Tips for Pale Skin Tone

Best Makeup Tips for Pale Skin Tone

Best Makeup Tips for Pale Skin Tone:

Choosing the right products for your skin color is the key to makeup success. Stick to our tips and you won’t go wrong. So let’s get started. Here I’m gonna describe how to master makeup, that’s  PERFECT for your skin tone. Experiment- the best way to find out and to resolve this mystery that which product will suit my skin type. Try try and try. When you get your features enhanced by some makeup that’s when your search is finished. The right makeup should emphasise your features, make your skin look smooth and healthy and make you feel awesome. Not all the girls have same skin tone, pale skinned girl can’t apply the same foundation as that of oily skinned.

Pale Skin:

Pale skin can be challenging to cater for because of the obvious lack of pigment, but we have blemishes we want to conceal and redness we want to tone down.  Really pale-skinned women don’t normally manage to get that sun-kissed glow naturally so take a start with a good quality tinted moisturiser to get gorgeous skin.


Being thankful to various makeup brands who have finally caught on to the fact that finding the best foundation for pale skin can be as much of a challenge as finding the right one that’s very dark.  This skin needs more foundation than of other skin types.

  • Bobbi Brown’s award winning foundation stick  provides the best results. What’s more, it offers almost 31 shades including porcelain and warm porcelain.    


  • Mac studio face and body foundation- a light weight foundation that delivers the satin finish and sheer coverage.

  • L’Oreal Paris true match foundation in rose ivory-This is a super sheer foundation, it feels only slightly thicker than water, so it blends onto the skin effortlessly.

  • Kiehl’s  Actively Correcting and Beautifying BB Cream: Hey! it’s not a technical foundation but everyone want to go on a holiday right? And you are in the sun and wanna swap out your heavier foundation (giving u a perish feeling )  with a lighter one then this is the best that u were looking for.


Brown mascara and eyeliner must be the essentials of a pale skinned girl’s makeup kit. A light peach shimmery shadow over your entire lid will be a mesmerising look.

  • Try Bobby Brown Shimmer Wash Eye shadow in champagne



Pale skin doesn’t have to mean pale lipstick. Be brave enough to experiment with brighter shades. Just remember the one golden rule: bright lips work best with muted eyes. These five shades will be far better than everything in this world.

  • Rich Red

  • Red with purple undertone

  • Orange

  • Peach

  • Coral  Pink in Matte


Follow these guidelines and give yourself a stunning look!!


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