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8 Amazing Benefits of Napping

There’s a good reason why the Spanish and Japanese love to sleep during the day: there are so many benefits of napping. From improving your alertness to boosting your mood, catnaps do wonders to your mind and body!

Time For A Siesta! 8 Awesome Benefits Of Napping

Let’s face it, ladies, chasing dreams and goals ain’t easy. Sometimes responsibilities are too many and the job’s too difficult and grueling positive thinking won’t cut it. Well, here’s a suggestion for you: why don’t you enjoy the benefits of napping? Once you know what they are, I’m pretty confident you’ll grab a pillow ASAP.


What Is Napping?

What Is Napping | Amazing Benefits Of Napping
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Before we get into the benefits of napping, let’s deal with the definition first. What is napping? It’s still sleeping, only it’s brief and light. It is also usually done during daytime (in which case it’s also called a power nap).


Benefits of Napping

The different napping benefits depend on how long you’re planning to sleep and your desired results. Sleeping time may range from 10 minutes to 1.5 hours! The goal here is you should not wake up feeling exhausted and groggy because by then napping becomes counterproductive. When done right, though, you can have these advantages:

1. Better Focus

Better Focus | Amazing Benefits Of Napping
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Napping at work for at least 10 to 20 minutes is a great way to regain your alertness and focus. This can be helpful when your energy dips in the afternoon or when you need to drive home after work.

2. Heightened Creativity

Heightened Creativity | Amazing Benefits Of Napping

If you’re a writer, artist, or anybody who needs to squeeze their creative juices and think outside the box, you may want to take a nap for at least an hour. Based on a Georgetown University study in 2013, the right brain, where creativity lies, tends to be active when you’re napping.

3. Enhanced Motor Skills

Enhanced Motor Skills | Amazing Benefits Of Napping
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Are you creating your resume? Perhaps you’re drafting a report. Either way, you can’t let those spelling mistakes happen. Make sure you have keen eyes and hands by taking a short break and siesta before you type on the keyboard as one of the benefits of napping is improving your motor skills.

4. Stress Release

Stress Release | Amazing Benefits Of Napping
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Everybody knows sleeping is a great stress reliever, but how does power napping help you feel relaxed? It helps slow down your stressors such as your heart rate. You can also relax your tensed muscles, removing body aches. It’s the quickest amazing getaway you can give yourself – and it’s free!

5. Effective Problem-Solving

Effective Problem Solving | Amazing Benefits Of Napping
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It’s hustling day! Meetings, brainstormings, product presentations, commuting – you name it. All these are exhausting. The good news is power napping can help you make sounder decisions as it enhances your creativity, strategic thinking, and focus.

6. Happier Mood

Happier Mood | Amazing Benefits Of Napping

Do you remember the time when you didn’t have a good shut-eye the night before? Perhaps you had to work until the wee hours of the morning or partied so hard. I am sure you needed more than a skin hangover cure. You also didn’t feel chipper. When you are already grumpy because you’re SO exhausted, do yourself a favor and take a short sleep on your bed or the couch.

7. Alternative to Caffeine

Alternative To Caffeine | Amazing Benefits Of Napping
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If you can’t, should not, or won’t take caffeine, then power napping is the best alternative for you. It provides the same benefits! In fact, many experts suggest avoiding coffee during the afternoon to avoid disrupting your nighttime sleep.

8. Strategy For The Night Owls

Strategy For The Night Owls | Amazing Benefits Of Napping
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If you need to work at night, taking catnaps in the afternoon will help you deal with the possible sleepiness later.


Although power napping is restorative and healthy, to maximize the benefits of napping, you need to do it right. Here are some great tips to have a restful sleep during the day.