2 Unique Techniques To Curl Your Eyelashes Perfectly

Eye makeup is never complete unless the mascara is done right with the lashes worked on.

We love curled eyelashes with mascara coating. It gives our eyelashes that extra volume and length, while adding that oomph factor to the entire look. Eyelash curling is a very regular part of eye makeup, but not everyone is comfortable doing it.

This tutorial will show different styles that you can use to curl your eyelashes. Some are traditional and more commonly used methods while some are quite innovative. Read on to see which one seems to suit your needs best.

How to Curl Eyelashes?

Step 1: Curling

Procedure 1: Traditional Curling Using Eyelash Curler

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  • This is the traditional and most popular eyelash curling method.
  • First, clean the rubber pads of the lash curler well.
  • Each time you use the eye lash curler, remember to clean the rubber pads before next use.
  • Place your upper lash into the curler and press.
  • Remove gently
  • Do the same with the lower lash.
  • Follow with a coat of mascara.

Procedure 2: Curling Using Spoon

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  • Take a medium length steel spoon, check for the length by holding it over the eye area.

  • Place your thumb below your eyelashes and gently push them up. This step is to just slightly push your flat eyelashes up and get them prepared for curling.

  • Then, place the spoon gently facing outward above your eyelashes. Place the bottom edge of the spoon directly on your upper lash line as shown above in the image. Then, press the spoon gently with your index finger or thumb on the outer section of your eyelashes.

  • Now, we have to replicate a curling action with the spoon. Simply make a quick flick with the spoon to curl your lashes. Do not pull it hard or flick it harshly, as you might end up hurting yourself.
  • To get the curling right, you have to hold the spoon with your right hand while curling the lashes of the right eye and for the left eye, use your left hand. It requires a little practice, but patience pays

Step 2: Pick a Mascara

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Pick any good volumizing mascara or a curling mascara of your choice.

Step 3: Apply to Lashes

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Use the mascara on the upper eyelash in a zig zag form.

Apply this on the lower lash in the same zig zag form in the other direction.

Step 4: Apply A Second Coat

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Close your eyes and repeat the application on the upper lashes.

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