10 DIY Hairstyles For Long Hair

If you want to step out of your home looking like you got a pro to do your hair, then you have to work on your DIY hairstyles game! Here are easy hairstyles you can do at home that will transform your hair from drab to fab!


Easy DIY Hairstyles for Long Hair You Should Master

Need new hairstyles for long hair? Having long hair is definitely far from being plain and boring. In fact, your options for having a different hairstyle every day are endless. With the help of online hair tutorials, you can now do hundreds of different DIY hairstyles all by yourself! Whatever the occasion, be it your wedding, a day at work, a special event or even holidays, these stunning hairstyles for long hair are super doable. And whatever the look you’re going for, these hairstyles will complement your look perfectly!


1. Boho Braid

Don’t feel like washing your hair today? Take advantage of your messy hair by doing the boho braid hairstyle. Don’t worry, even if you’re not good at doing braids, you can easily manage this one. You can try this hairstyle on messy straight hair, but I suggest that you curl your hair a bit to give it that boho vibe.



2. Twisted Bun

Are you looking for an updo that looks elegant and sophisticated, but without an hour’s worth of work? This twisted bun DIY hairstyle is a must-try! All you need to do is tie a knot and secure both hair sections with bobby pins.



3. Curly Updo

For formal events or occasions, my go-to hairstyle is either a curly one or an updo. Well, let’s put them together to create a curly updo that looks gorgeous on anyone! If it’s for your wedding, you can add some flowers like the one shown above. If you don’t like the neat look that much, you can keep the front part of your hair loose and loosely curled. By the way, this hairstyle is Beauty and the Beast Belle-inspired!



4. Tuck and Cover French Braid

Running out of time to go to a stylist? This Tuck and Cover French braid will make you look poised and pulled together. This hairstyle is pretty versatile, which is one of the things I love about it. I can wear it with practically anything from tee and jeans to dresses! Can’t believe how easy it is to do this too!



5. Party Perfect Ponytail

I’m a ponytail lover. And in the summer, I almost always wear my hair in a ponytail on a daily basis. It’s easy to do, it keeps my hair out of my face, and is very comfortable. So, when I’m going to parties, I try and find a ponytail hairstyle that makes me feel good as well. One of the DIY hairstyles I found is the one above. I like the messy look and to add some sass, I like curling my hair too!


Got a special formal occasion coming up and want to look uniquely beautiful? Try this hairstyle!


6. Messy Bun

The messy bun and ponytail are fierce competitors in my book. Both are my go-to DIY hairstyles every day and I really really love them. Both are very easy to do. So how do I choose? I pick the ponytail if I’m spending more time outdoors and the messy bun when I’m indoors so that the strands don’t go to my face (I hate that!).



7. Braided Rose

For those women who love the half-up hairstyle, this is a good variation of that. The braided rose is simply adorable! When you walk down the street, people will think it was done by a professional stylist, but really, it was all you girl! It’s a perfect hairstyle for the summer and will look really look great on your dainty summer dresses!



8. Twisted Crown Braid

So maybe you like those Dutch crown braids but find it really hard to do them? I’ve got something easier for you! Why don’t give this twisted crown braid a go? It’s not as detailed as a Dutch braid, but it looks just as pretty on both straight or wavy hair.



9. Ribbon Half Updo

I’m bringing you back to those days where the bigger the hair, the more fabulous you are. Look at this half updo bouffant, isn’t it beautiful? To add daintiness into this look, wrap your hair around a thin ribbon. Yes, it doesn’t just look cute on kids, we can also rock this look ladies!



10. Big Sexy Waves

And to complete the list of DIY hairstyles for long hair is everyone’s fave–the big sexy waves hairstyle! You know what? I know a lot of women who would go to the salon to get this look. Maybe they can’t be bothered with doing it at home or can’t find the right technique to do so. But hey, why spend money to pay someone else to do it when you can easily DIY right? And trust me ladies, after some practice, you can make big sexy wavy hair even with your eyes closed!

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